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Our non profit corporation has put together a plan to to build an online community to aid our teens and their families in rural and smaller communities. Our mission is to provide on online communities with a secure, positive, environment, which provides opportunities for success. A safe place online that will give tools, education and resources to help those individuals be free from the alcohol, drugs and violence that often surround them.

We believe in our community, its families and especially, its youth. In conjunction with any excellent program is its supporters; the value of working as a team, utilizing the people, agencies and energy of its location. Foley Foundation looks forward to significantly aiding our youth and adults, and further, their futures of emotional, spiritual, educational and physical excellence.

One of our projects we are currently working on is "Teen Life Center"  located at http://teenlifecenter.org

One of our other projects is reconizing new artists and their work (Music,Videos, Poetry, Art and Web Animations). We are working with link4u.com to create this new program.

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