JULY 21, 2009


We do NOT give grants or money to other programs or companies.  All our funds go directly to the Teen Life Center Project and Tools for Life Project only.

Victims of Fraudulent Activity:  There is a fraudulent scam on the internet sending letters with our logo and address with a fake name saying that we are giving small business grants. Then they get all your information.  That is not our corporation.

 If you receive this letter from them please do not give any information out. Contact your local police or FBI Office. Please contact us directly and please send us the information so we can catch who is doing this.

Please help us protect our foundation. Thank You and Be Safe.




Mission Statement

To provide at-risk youths in our community with a secure, positive, recreational environment where they can regain hope and belief, earn trust and self-respect and learn skills to lead to a productive lifestyle free of alcohol, drugs and violence that surround them.

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